TDV Volunteer Orientation

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We had an AMAZING night this week, as we opened our doors to people from all over our area to introduce them to our Teen Dating Violence Prevention program that will be in local schools this year. Promise Place provides education to youth through these much needed presentations. This program is presented to primarily 9th grade students in the Griffin Judicial Circuit and helps to educate and provide the resources that students need to both prevent and end teen dating violence.

However, we have been very fortunate this year in that we were awarded a grant to take this curriculum into the middle schools in the Griffin Judicial district. We now have the resources to present to area 6th -8th grade students as well! Promise Place recognizes that in our efforts to stop the cycle of violence we must include these children so that they can be educated before becoming victims themselves.

This program not only utilizes local resources but also enlists the assistance of local volunteers to help make this program successful. By engaging the community, Promise Place is adding to the many voices that are speaking out against the crime of domestic violence. Promise Place provides this educational program to over 2,500 students every year. Please contact Promise Place at our Administrative Office at (770) 461-3839 for more information about this program or if you would like to volunteer.